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Leos Petrov Bio
Name: Leoš (Pronounced LE-osh, but usually goes by Leo anyways) Petrov
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Male
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Description: Leoš is fairly tall, and remarkably pail. His hair is dyed indigo with a large purple streak in the front. His eyes are the same color as the purple streak. Leoš has multiple piercings and tattoos. He has his septum pierced, snake bites, and double piercings on each ear. His tattoos consist of two small yellow stars on each cheek, the small yellow stars on the inside of his right arm, the earth on his right knee, and the solar system all across his right arm. That being said, it is easy to tell that he has an odd obsession with space. A majority of his clothes has little stars or planets on them as well. Overall, Leoš is kind of an asshole. He thinks mostly about himself, and gets lots of amusement out of seeing other people angry or upset. Because of this, he doesn’t have many friends.
-He works in Eris
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 0 2
Jay Othello Bio
Name: Jay Othello
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Occupation: None
Description: Jay is a relatively short girl with very fair skin. She has long wavy hair, which is dyed cherry red. When her hair isn’t blow dried, it often becomes very frizzy and poufy. Her eyes are greyish green, and stand out against her dark red hair. Jay is a nice person most of the time, but can flip the switch and be incredibly mean if something triggers her. She often likes to concern herself in problems that don’t pertain to her, and refuses to be left out of a group. When people have similar traits to her, she has a very easy time making friends, but if they have very different traits, she usually won’t put forth any effort into the friendship. There are, however, some cases in which she can be so determined to be someone’s friend, she will follow them and talk to them constantly in hopes that they’ll want to be friends in return.
Other: -Jay doesn't like to talk about her fami
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 6
Roma's bio
Name: Roma Hinke
Age: 20
Gender: Gender Fluid (Uses they/them pronouns)
Race: 1/4 demon, 3/4 angel
Occupation: No occupation
Description: Roma is about average height with pale pink curly hair. The're body type is a little on the skinny side, and not very curvy. They have pale skin, which is covered in freckles almost everywhere. Roma has very peculiar eyes, which consist of multicolored rings inside their iris (rather than a single color). Their style of clothing can change drastically from day to day. Roma may dress in floral dressed and bows one day, then wear full combat gear the next day. They are typically a very social person, and enjoys talking to most everyone they meet.
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 0 2
Hey it me by FeLyre Hey it me :iconfelyre:FeLyre 2 3 Aarya by FeLyre Aarya :iconfelyre:FeLyre 2 0
Eris' Bio
Name: Eris Caitir
Age: 134 (Looks about 20)
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Occupation: Tattoo artist/ Electrician
Description: Eris is about average height for her age, but is quite below the weight someone her age should be at. She has tanned skin, icy blue eyes, and dark orange hair. Her arms are covered in tattoos, and she has many piercings across her body. Overall, she gives off a very punk vibe, but still seems friendly. Eris isn’t the most outgoing person, but she still enjoys talking to others and convincing people to get tattoos from her. She often becomes good friends with the people she gives tattoos to. She has the ability to create electricity from her body, so she takes up a part time job as a local electrician.
Fun Facts:
-Eris has claustrophobia, and is very hesitant about people touching her.
-Eris doesn’t know how to swim
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 5
Aarya's Bio
Name: Aarya
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Half Angel, Half Human
Occupation: Council Member (Medical Department)/ Doctor
Description: Aarya is very short in stature, barely reaching five feet tall. She has dark brown skin, resembling an African American woman. Her black hair is incredibly curly, and reaches just past her shoulders. Her messy bangs frame the sides of her face, not covering her bright green eyes. Overall, Aarya has a fairly chubby body type, but is still very curvy. Though she is short in stature, she has no trouble making her presence known. Aarya’s voice is naturally very loud, making it easy for her to get the attention of a large group of people. Being part Angel, she has the ability to treat certain injuries with the touch of a finger. Larger injuries require her to use standard medical equipment.
Other Facts-
-She has a snake named Jenga, which is always by her side
-She always carries around a small medical kit, which is almost completely filled with band aid
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 11
Request: Ranulf iPod Wallpaper by FeLyre Request: Ranulf iPod Wallpaper :iconfelyre:FeLyre 3 3 Amory by FeLyre Amory :iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 6 Lame Punk by FeLyre Lame Punk :iconfelyre:FeLyre 2 4
Dimidium Academy: Copper
Name: Copper
Age: 180 ((Looks 18))
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Stars: 6
Personality: Deep down, Copper is a trouble maker. However, while he was in the army he was trained to be obedient and a good boy. After leaving the army, his trouble maker side has awoken. Copper is a pretty difficult person to anger, but when he gets angry, he tends to get violent as well. He is very outgoing and fun for the most part.
Appearance: Copper is about medium height, and is pretty well muscled due to his time in the army. His hair is a shiny brown color, resembling his name, and his eyes are pumpkin orange. He has relatively tan skin, which is covered with dark freckles. He would typically be seen in his military uniform, but stopped wearing it after he left the army. He now usually wears skinny jeans of various colors and any type of shirt. He likes stripes a lot, so most of his shirts have stripes on them. He usually never wears shoes.
Abilities: Copper is a dark Arch Sage. Basically, this means he is v
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 0 5
Dimidium Academy: Kallu
Name: Kallu
Age: 2 months
Gender: Female
Race: Angel-Demon hybrid
Stars: 1
Personality: ((Idk she’s a baby))
Appearance: Kallu’s eyes are brown, like her mothers’, and her hair is back, like her fathers’. She is about average height and weight for a newborn.
Abilities: Her abilities have yet to be discovered, since she is only a baby.
Weakness: She is very vulnerable, and has virtually no way of defending herself against enemies.
Past: The day she was born, her right leg was cut off when Dimidium was attacked. She survived the attack, and is now living with her mother.
Other: Kallu is Mana’s baby
:iconfelyre:FeLyre 0 2
Dimidium Academy: Jay by FeLyre Dimidium Academy: Jay :iconfelyre:FeLyre 2 0 Dimidium Academy: Punni by FeLyre
Mature content
Dimidium Academy: Punni :iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 2
Dimidium Academy: Punnika Violet Doveare by FeLyre Dimidium Academy: Punnika Violet Doveare :iconfelyre:FeLyre 3 2 Dimidium Academy: Eris by FeLyre Dimidium Academy: Eris :iconfelyre:FeLyre 1 2
art n shit

Random Favourites

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Hey guys. Sorry I haven';t said anything in like 2 months.
I'm still alive.
I just wanted you to know that I've kind of moved along to tumblr. So if you have one, you can follow me. My name is Loorol-is-jellyfish
Oh also I'm sick
So sorry if I pass you my ilness over the internet


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Hi I'm Laurel
Lot's of people call me Loorol
I draw
I try to paint
I creep
Oy oy oy
I'm barely on DeviantART anymore, and I'm pretty much just on Tumblr. My url is Loorol-is-jellyfish ifanyone wanted to follow me
I'm just kinda here for :icondimidiumacademy:

Current Residence: Oyoyoyoyoy
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: My aunt
Favourite style of art: oil painting
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Shell of choice: Magic Conch
Skin of choice: My epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Spiderman


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